Gargi Singh
NYU Tandon School of Engineering
Class of 2017

At XL Pathfinders, fulfilment is not a mere word but an expression which is defined to its potential, from giving erudite advices to exemplary services. The interactions with my counsellor – Ms. Priyanka were edifying and she assisted me on everything, the best feature being: I was able to interact with her 24×7, which made life much easier for me. Apart from this, the application services provided by the XLP team were marvellous. I also attended the TOEFL training provided by XLP which had highly adept sessions and was a top-notch learning experience.

Kunal Sharma
Deakin University
Class of 2017

I am very thankful to XL Pathfinders and I am glad to have discovered them and their guidance and help in all my course selection, admission, and visa. I remember I was very confused when I first decided to go to Australia but then I met the team of XL Pathfinders which eased my problems. I would also like to thank my counsellor, editors and all the other staff members of XLP; they were very helpful and friendly.

Shivanshu Gupta
University of California, Los Angeles
Class of 2018

I believe this is exactly the kind of help high school students require, who constantly have to balance schoolwork, preparing for standardized tests, extra-curricular activities and college applications. When I decided to study in the US, I was clueless as to where to begin. Priyanka ma’am helped me short list the universities that would be the right fit for me and my field of study, and thanks to her constant support, I got into many of my dream schools including UCLA, Boston University, New York University and UC San Diego.

Tuhin Basu
University of California, Berkeley
Class of 2018

XL Pathfinders gave me hope. Studying in a boarding school, I was anxious about the thought of not being able to communicate regularly. I had a score of 1860 in the SAT, and yet I got accepted by top universities like University of California, Berkeley. It was the assurance and confidence Priyanka ma’am gave me, her efficiency in handling so much in so little a time and most importantly her skill in polishing applications that helped me realize my dream.

Nilesh Bajaj
Technical University Graz
Class of 2017

My decision to enroll with XL Pathfinders has paid rich dividends. They are a team of young and enthusiastic people on whom you can rely completely. The faculty for GRE and IELTS is very professional. These people are very cordial and co-operating and personal attention is always guaranteed. Thank You XL Pathfinders for making this journey so memorable and trouble free.
It has been sheer joy to learn from their academic team. I got trained for both IELTS and GRE exams. During the course of training they guided me through all the difficulties and gave me personal attention whenever needed. I consider myself lucky enough to work with such experienced professionals. My tenure here has even helped me gain self-confidence as I improved my linguistic skills.

Jayanti Tiwari
SUNY, Fashion Institute of Technology
Class of 2019

XL Pathfinders is much more than business, it is a true guide. Every team member realizes the cost of education and offers a helping hand whenever you need it. Not only was Priyanka successful in making me enjoy the “tensed and tedious” process of applying to different schools but she has also made me believe that I deserve the best and that I can achieve it. She has helped me cross all the obstacles in my application process and her ever-calm and focused attitude constantly inspires me. If today I have a number of acceptance letters on my desk and several options to choose from, then it is XL Pathfinders and their team to whom I would give all the credits of this success. Thank you, XL Pathfinders, for everything you have done for me!

Piyush Kathuria
SUNY Buffalo
Class of 2018

Priyanka Ma’am and her team has helped me at each and every step of the application process. Her constructive criticisms and valuable inputs taught me how to communicate with the admissions office at the university. This was one of the most valuable lessons learnt under her guidance and has helped be become more independent. Vinit Sir, my editor for my applications helped me a lot with my applications too. Both Priyanka Ma’am and he worked hard to ensure that my applications were submitted before the deadline. I really appreciate their support and guidance and would not hesitate to recommend their services to my friends and family members.

Anand Kumar Choudhary
SUNY Buffalo
Class of 2017

What I personally liked was their approach to help students sort out their own choice of colleges instead of giving them some pre-planned list of colleges which big brands generally have tie ups with. Their transparency and putting students’ interest first is impressive.
There are so many aspects to filling applications and as a working professional, it gets very hectic and chaotic, and sometimes you wish you had a magic wand which you could just wave and get the numerous applications done with. XL Pathfinders was my magic wand! Priyanka and her team made the process feel like a cake walk. They put all their resources in action to make it happen for you.
For people who are working they would probably understand this better. My case is no different, being working individual I was always pressed with a lot of work and could hardly find enough time for my own application and related stuff this is where the XL Pathfinders team helped me out in a great deal. From my personal experience, I would strongly recommend XL Pathfinders to everyone who aspires to study abroad, from the people who know little about GRE and admissions to the ones who are absolutely clueless.

Jai Kakkar
Rotman Commerce, University of Toronto
Class of 2021

My experience with XL Pathfinders has been a stimulating and rewarding one. I traveled from the other end of the city to the XLP office but each long trip was worth the effort. Priyanka Ma’am, one of the two success factors behind my undergraduate admission applications for Commerce and Economics courses, was very proactive with her guidance, and her pre-emptive suggestions helped me secure admission offers from my selected list of American and Canadian universities. I was quite unrealistic while selecting the universities, as I wanted to go to a top-ranked institution only. Nevertheless, Priyanka Ma’am was very optimistic about my options and rather than what other institutions might think of cutting down those high-end options, I got a chance to apply to them. With her guidance (and her excel sheets), everything from my certificates to my transcripts to my LOR’s were on point!
Sukriti Ma’am, the other success factor behind my applications, helped me day and night regarding the essay questions and how my direction of answering them should be. It was through her support only that I was able to meet every single deadline ON TIME!
The flexibility factor is THE BEST THING about this organization. I mean, I was able to solve my queries like a residence offer or about changing the program applied for, even at 11 pm. I knew that as a gap year student, I would be facing a harder screening than the rest, so they advised me on doing some course in Computer Science and skill development programs meanwhile. Due to “Trump Effect” I was quite disappointed since all of my applied universities till January were for the United States, but Priyanka ma’am gave me an advice (and that was exactly what I was thinking about) to apply to Canadian Universities as well. I and XL Pathfinders only know how I was able to apply to those Canadian Universities within 15 day deadlines including all the normal and video essay questions.
Speaking of them, I got my best offers from there viz. University of Toronto (Rotman Commerce) and the University Of British Columbia (Vancouver Campus). I am still waiting to hear from McGill University (Montreal). If that happens I’ll have the set of the TOP 3 Canadian Universities– WITH SCHOLARSHIPS!!
The team at XL Pathfinders is super-organized, and I feel that selecting XL Pathfinders was the best first step towards planning my higher education. I recommend every prospective international student to enroll with them!
Offers (as on April 8, 2017): University Of Toronto, University Of British Columbia (Vancouver), University Of Minnesota, and University Of Washington (Seattle).

Twinkle Ghangas
Parsons, The New School
Class of 2019

For anyone who plans to study abroad – this is the IDEAL place for assistance. When it comes to the services, there is nothing more one could ask for. My experience with XL Pathfinders has been glorious throughout. The amount of hard-work and support I received is beyond the expression of words.

Saurabh Bansal
Ohio State University
Class of 2019

I was very much worried about my applications but after contacting XL Pathfinders I became sure that I have come to the right place. They have a very dedicated team of highly experienced counselors who answer all your queries and suggest the best universities according to your profile. XL Pathfinders is the Best place for higher education assistance. I highly recommend that if you want your admission with scholarship you should apply with them only.

Charanpreet Singh
IELTS Candidate

XL Pathfinders is the best institute according to me to get a constructive preparation for IELTS exam. I had already appeared for IELTS exam twice, but could not score the required band score. After joining the training from XL Pathfinders, I got to know the tips & tricks to solve reading test & some effective writing skills. This has made me score well. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Sachin Bhargava
University of Washington (Seattle)
Class of 2020(Seattle)

Excellent! It is because of XL Pathfinders that I got admitted into one of the best universities for Computer Science- University of Washington at Seattle. Applying abroad for Undergraduate studies was something completely new for me and I didn’t know a thing. But XLP helped me out tremendously- right from the Test Preps to the Visa Interview. I made a lot of huge mistakes but they always treated me like a student who was new to all this and were welcoming throughout the journey. Thus, there wasn’t even one moment where I felt uncomfortable sharing anything with them. I have seen my friends’ applications who had their counselling done from other places, and after the comparison, I can openly say that the quality of work here is truly remarkable.

Vishal Sharma
University of California, Irvine (Seattle)
Class of 2019(Seattle)

Prior to enrolling in XL Pathfinders, I was in a constant dilemma to select the universities per se my desired subjects. The whole process of creating an application, sending scores, submitting documents were giving nightmares to me. But XL pathfinders made everything so simple, as simple as cutting a brownie. Especially, my counselor, Priyanka Ma’am assisted me at every step; cleared my doubts, evaluated letters and made the whole process looked like a child’s work.
As I’m working in Bangalore, only once I had visited the office, all of my conversations and discussions were on phone. She even worked with me beyond the usual hours, I still remember, it was 1:30 in the morning and to clear my doubt she dialed a call to one of the universities I applied to and put me on a conference. She knows what the student desires and how to achieve it.
You should see her in action, it’s phenomenal.
XL Pathfinders is the best place to be if one is actually aiming to be in top universities.

Amrinder Singh Cheema
GRE Candidate

I have had a very useful and knowledgeable experience of counselling. The GRE preparation sessions made me to crack GRE with 320

Samarth Pandey
Class of 2019

I was one of those students who had an average profile, an okay GRE and less than whats required TOEFL score but top colleges only in mind, I was in the middle of my Semester Examinations and application deadlines were close . I asked my dad to find a counselor to help me with applying as I did not have a clue about applying for studies abroad although I was sure I had to pursue my MS .After I finished off my college exams, I came back from college & my father & elder brother introduced me to Ms. Priyanka Bhargava from XL Pathfinders, nice woman , I got a very generous reception. We talked about my situation and she was nothing but positive about it . With my profile I am attending one of the best universities in the world and all thanks to the XL Pathfinder team to make it happen.The team is experienced and have sound knowledge about studying abroad and all the options you can think of. My application processes went smooth and after a gruel some waiting time ,I received great news and I could never thank XL Pathfinders enough for it.