The SAT is a standardize test majorly and widely used by college admissions in the US. The SAT is the first step forward towards higher education for students of all walks of life.  It is taken by more than two million students every year and is accepted virtually by all colleges and Universities.  Introduced in 1926, it is simply known as SAT test, however its name and scoring have changed many times. The SAT  will makes its debut in March 2016 and affect students of  academic year 2017.

The test patter will be made simple and reflect the ACT. The students will have to reason their way through this exam by solving problems with their aptitude. Changes include a new structure, a new score, new sections, and even a new approach to testing. The redesigned SAT test will prioritize content that reflects the kind of reading and math students will come across in college and work life. Also, the the verbal part of the test will have text from History, Science and literature.

Previous SAT vs. New SAT (2016)

  Previous SAT New SAT (2016)
Scoring 600 – 2400 400 – 1600
Sub score and Cross-test Scores available
Timing 3 Hours 45 Minutes 3 Hours (+50 minute optional essay)
Sections ·  Critical Reading: 200-800
·  Writing: 200-800
·  Math: 200-800
·  Essay (included in Writing score)
·  Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 200-800
·  Math: 200-800
·  Optional Essay (separately scored)
Guessing Penalty 1/4 guessing penalty no guessing penalty
Format Available in print Available in print or on computer

Key Changes

  1. No Penalty for Wrong Answers
  2. Use of Founding Documents and Global Conversations
  3. Analysis in Science, History, and Social Studies
  4. Work with and Command of Evidence/Data
  5. Using Relevant Words in Context
  6. (Optional) Essay that Analyzes a Source
  7. Fewer, but longer sections

New SAT Structure

  Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Math
Sections ·  65-minute Reading section
·  35-minute Writing and Language section
·  25-minute No Calculator section
·  55-minute Calculator section
Questions ·  52 Questions (Reading)
·  44 Questions (Writing and Language)
·  20 Questions (No Calculator)
·  38 Questions (Calculator)
Score Range 200-800 200-800

It is clear-cut so that the test takers can perform well . There are not many tricks designed to trip you up to cause any ambiguity . Students who do well in the classrooms are the ones who do well on the SAT test. It does not merely strengthen student’s  academic skills but also provides an opportunity  to get scholarships.