What is IELTS ?

IELTS is an international language testing system that measures the ability of English proficiency of the test takers. It is conducted by two organizations in India: IDP Australia and British Council. A candidate gets the score from 0 to 9 bands on the basis of his performance. The test has two categories, and each category is divided into two parts; the Academic IELTS and General IELTS. Students who aspire to study abroad they are required to take IELTS Academic where as people who wish to migrate to English countries are required to take the test. Most Universities accept a score of 6 as an entry to the bachelors programs; however, the score requirement varies from university to university.

The Test Format

The test has four modules: Listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Candidates take Listening, reading and writing test on the same day while the speaking test happens on a different day. The speaking test may be conducted a week before the test date or a week after the test date.

Paper Content Time
Listening 40 questions Approximately 30 minutes (plus 10 minutes’ transfer time)
Reading 40 questions 60 minutes
Writing 2 tasks 60 minutes
Speaking 3 parts 11–14 minutes

Difference between the General and Academic modules of IELTS.

General Academic
Listening (same) Listening (same)
Writing: Task 1 is a letter while Task 2 is an essay on any cultural or social topic. Writing: Task 1 is a summary of a report while Task 2 is an essay on an academic topic.
Reading; test paper is easier than academic. Reading; test paper is academic.
Speaking (same) Speaking (same)

Comparison of the IELTS with common European frame work

How to apply for the test?

The test takers need to visit the website of either IDP Australia or British council for it in order to check the availability of the test dates. According to the convince the candidates can choose a test date and the state in which he or she wants to appear for the test. Once the application form is filled, it is submitted and a confirmation letter or receipt is sent vial mail to the candidate. Note- It is necessary to have a valid passport unless the test book can not be booked.