Study in USA with Scholarships

There are two admission windows in the academic year to apply for admission in a university in the USA. Note that dates are tentative and vary from university to university.

  • Minor Intakes- January
  • Major Intakes- September

The application process must begin at least 10 months before the semester targeted to ensure proper documentation, editing and to be certain that none of the steps of the application process may be neglected. These steps are taken to ensure complete documentation and precise statements that are appropriately suited to the needs of the university. A timely documentation and submission must be the priority and necessary steps should be taken to avoid losing chances of landing a scholarship.

It must be taken into consideration that while the two intakes are intended to admit the desired number of students, the major intake period must be targeted for greater possibilities of admission and to ensure better chances of selection and admission.

In order to apply for scholarships, documents like Statement of Purpose, Resume, Letter of Recommendation, test scores and visa application, passport must be readied in order to successfully apply for scholarships. Timely preparation, assortment and classification of the documents must be done in order to keep the application on track as every passing day counts while applying in universities.

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