Cost of studying in USA- Potential Expenses, Future Placements, Emerging Sectors

The cost of education abroad in the USA can be an expensive ordeal. Foreign exchange rates suggest an expense of around twenty five to thirty lakh rupees.

Adding to these are the cost of living and other such miscellaneous expenses.

With the availability of scholarships and educational loans, there is a certain financial flexibility that enable education in USA to be affordable for those who are talented but with limited financial resources.

A monthly average of USD $1,000 is the estimated expense of an individual student, keeping in mind rent, bills, other expenses, et cetera. The particular areas of expense may be electricity, food, transportation, laundry and so forth. However, with the possibility of part time jobs and employment, it is possible for one to cover his or her own expenses.

An important question that attracts interest is the scope of future employment and the emerging sectors in the economy where one can seek employment post education.

The sectors on the rise are pharmaceuticals, manufacturing of solar components and construction materials. With the global demand for advanced healthcare and medication, the growth in pharmaceuticals is a foreseen calculation and while sustainable development and environmentally conscious developments are always supported and invested in, it has allowed new sectors to come up and generate employment and facilitate the operations of the economy.

Future placements, a cause of concern for money wherever the university may be, India or USA. Several universities have tie-ups with corporate organizations and enterprises that allow efficient recruitment of professionals ready to take on the challenges of the world. Placements are the next major step after education and one that has significant importance in the fact that it defines a professional’s career. A decent start to the career can take it to successful positions and help find greater success in life. While education is the fundamental criteria for choosing universities, placements carry the influential final judgment on universities.

Other such industries that realize the human resources on offer are telecommunications, consumer services, banking and insurance. Also on the rise are the sectors of resource management and research for alternative energy sources, along with gas and petroleum industries. Keeping mind the upcoming and the rising industries, it is important to plan the course of education, the proposed field of interest and the entire feasibility of the plan of studying in USA. What should make it more interesting is analyzing the areas of skill shortages and to be able to provide solutions and answers to the imperative lack of skilled employees in a particular industry or sector. To formulate your ambition and to make great success out of your potential and determination, contact XL Pathfinders for further planning, organizing and taking the next step while choosing your course of choice and career options.