How to get admission in USA- Application Process

Admission Stage

This stage primarily involves completion of the background work, such as shortlisting of colleges, preparation of documents and visa assistance.

The various steps at this stage are:

  •  Registration

In order to initiate the process of foreign education application, one is advised to enroll with a consultancy service and counseling agency. These agencies not only assist in documentation and standardized examination preparation, but also offer advice and tips to create a student profile that successfully gets selections.

  •  Profiling

To begin the work of student profiling, the student discusses courses of preference, the country chosen to study in and the budget to pursue the education in that country, USA in this case. This criteria helps in filtering the options from countless universities.

  •  Standard Examinations

In order to attain eligibility to apply for the desired university, the standardized examination scores should be sufficient to be able to apply in the university of choice and the course of preference. The various standardized tests also have preparatory courses and programs to improve the performance. Contact XL Pathfinders to learn more about Standard Examination preparation courses.

  •  Shortlisting of Colleges

Having appeared and attained the results of the standardized examinations, with the help of the counseling agency, the student can learn about the various universities that match the criteria of the student, or rather fit the bill of the applicant.

  • Selection of Course and University

From the above mentioned information, the student now begins to choose from the list of universities that are eligible to the applicant’s needs. This begins to be a task of significant importance, the applicant is advised to approach with a well-thought out decision.

  • Editing of Documents

In order to apply for the chosen university, the documents must be edited, revised, checked thoroughly and compiled thoughtfully. This must be done with professional assistance and guidance of experienced professionals.

  • Preparing for Interviews

Interview preparation is an important step to undertake so as to prepare for the interview with the authorities of the university applied for. Again, experienced assistance helps to a great extent.

  • Visa Assistance and Pre-Departure

Post-acceptance of the application by the student, it is vital to understand the rules, the law of the country where the student may be headed to. Visa application is the last piece of the puzzle, after which the student is set to take the calculated leap of faith.

Necessary Documents

While preparing for the application process, it is essential that all the documents are prepared and filed in accordance with the needs.

These documents deemed necessary are:

  1. Attested Mark sheets, Class 10 &12.
  2. IELTS/TOEFL result (language proficiency evidence)
  3. GRE/GMAT (Standard Examinations)
  4. At least two academic references
  5. Statement of Purpose
  6. Resume/ CV
  7. Passport Size Photos
  8. Certificates and Evidence of Performance

Test Preparation

While applying for studying in the USA, it is vital to have appeared for standardized examination that matches the criteria of universities and colleges.

These examinations are,

  • SAT
  • GRE
  • GMAT

While an exemplary score should be the objective, it is important to understand that the right kind of mentoring, guidance and learning skills can often heighten scores and maximize one’s potential in such examinations.

At XL Pathfinders, we provide the guidance and assistance in preparing for these exams. While our record of 100% placements in the last year (2014) speaks for itself, we guarantee the best when it comes to preparing for that exam that you have feared so much.