Why study in Canada?

Canada is one of the leading study abroad destinations in the world owing to its culture of excellence, innovation and high educational standards. Canada is the world’s 7th most popular destination for international students with 290,000 students enrolling in 2013 – a growth of 84% since 2003. It is the favoured overseas study destination for international students from over 190 countries with students from China, India, Korea, Saudi Arabia and France leading the way.
Why should you study in Canada?

  • Students choose to study in Canada for its strong education system, safe and friendly environment, exciting campus life, innovative and abundant research opportunities, affordable education, opportunities for full-time work and possibility of immigration.
  • Canada offers more than 10,000 undergraduate and graduate degree & diploma programs in technical and professional disciplines at more than hundred educational institutions.
  • Canadian degrees are globally recognized and internationally equivalent to degrees from the United States or Commonwealth countries.
  • What’s makes Canada a preferred overseas education destination is the significantly lesser living cost and tuition fees for international students compared to other countries. A course at one of Canada’s top universities costs almost half of what a similarly reputable study program at a private US university costs.
  • International students can often work while pursuing overseas education in Canada. On-campus jobs don’t require work permission, and with work permission students can work off-campus part-time during term as well as work full-time during vacations.
  • According to a 2014 Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) survey, 95% of international students say they would definitely (61%) or probably (34%) recommend Canada as an overseas study destination.
  • Another reason that will make your study abroad experience in Canada worthwhile is the natural beauty of the country with magnificent lakes, rivers, mountains and seaside panoramas welcoming you.