Top Universities in Australia and Popular Courses

While looking for a suitable university in Australia, the search should ideally begin from the Group 8. The Group 8 is a collective nomenclature for the leading universities in Australia that set the benchmark for academic research and evaluation of its quality of education, faculty and infrastructure. Simply put, the Group 8 consists of the great pioneers of the Australian universities’ scenario. Even more so, there are several other universities that have a well-established infrastructure, a credible and authentic experience that guarantees quality education and a profile that may appeal to one’s tastes. With its front-running in the field of recent inventions such as WiFi, Ultrasound technology and the Bionic Ear, Australia is one country to look out for when it comes to technological advancements and a higher level of education.

The Group 8 consists of universities like the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, Monash University, Australian National University and University of New South Wales. With a wide variety of courses available to choose from, certain courses like Arts, Clinical and Digital Healthcare, Social Sciences and Engineering, Australia has been a lucrative alternative from USA and the UK for its entirely different scenery, its culture and lifestyle, which is generally accepting of foreign culture and people.

In comparison to educational prospects in the USA and the UK, Australia represents a closer option, one that is feasible, more accepting of lifestyles and cultures and relatively less expensive option to seriously consider. Keeping in mind the allocation of the government’s funds, obtaining a scholarship has a better chance and the ease of student life make Australia a worthy candidate for education overseas. The other fact that thoroughly complements the possibility of overseas education in Australia is that the developing and trending courses in Australia directly capitalize on current employment development sector trends. That is, a course in digital healthcare may be beneficial to a significant extent if the Indian medical industry is to adapt to digital healthcare.

The Group 8 universities and institutions of Australia intend to provide bright students with the platform to shine and perform at their best while constantly being under the guidance and mentorship of teachers, professors and academicians. Keeping in mind the greater chances of scholarship and a world-class faculty for round the clock assistance, Australian universities and academic institutions raise the bar every now and then when it comes to delivering the unparalleled best to their students.