Cost of studying in Australia – Potential Expenses, Future Placements, Emerging Sectors

It must be understood that while considering the prospect of education in Australia, it is important to learn of an average estimated cost that may be incurred when it comes to tuition fees and cost of living.

Statistics suggest that on an average, the tuition fees of an Australian university ranges between AUD $25,000 to AUD $38,000. This financial figure can be met via the possibilities of educational loans, scholarships, etc.

With areas of daily expense such as grocery, phone carrier charges and internet, electricity and rent, a minimum expense of an estimated AUD $19,000 can be expected depending on the location of residence and the city on an annual basis. However, with the chances of part time jobs and employment opportunities, it is possible for a student to manage and fund his or her own expenses and lead the economically sensible lifestyle. Depending upon the rent of housing, number of co-residents and the location of the residence, there are several options of residence, on campus or off campus. With decades of student exchange programs, foreign students and distance learning recipients, Australia is known to be a safe option for students who take the giant leap of faith for the motive of a better education and seemingly a better life.

An economy on the rise for the past six decades, Australia has done very well to capitalize on its national resources and till recently, tourism has been on the rise. Not only does this bring in the foreign exchange for the economy, but also helps in the image building and a positive indirect publicity that helps a nation. The geographic factors of Australia have failed to impact the determination of the country to strive forward and pioneer in the fields of science and technology, sports and world-relations and media. However, in order to support an all-rounded development of the economy, sectors like agriculture, banking, IT, industrial development and engineering have rapidly become integral components of the Australian economy.

The possibilities of scholarships have simplified and eased the process of application for those who had been till recently been unable to fuel the ambition of education prospects in Australia. This gives a fair chance to the deserving students and those who can truly shape the future by their sheer talent and resolve.

Despite its growing market sectors and industrial avenues, Australia has the potential to maximize its workforce, its skilled professional workforce that can very well take it leagues ahead than what the present state may suggest. Sectors like banking, business services and outsourcing, civil engineering, economics, agriculture and IT have growing potential that can guarantee employment and a bright scope for the many coming years.

Those interested in any of the fields abovementioned and are looking to prolong their stay on the Australian soil can be assured that the chances may very well stack up in their favour, Australian sectors are definitely going to need the best.

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