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What to expect while studying abroad in Germany

Germany is a great choice if you plan to pursue higher education abroad. The country is well known for its high standards in education, friendly ambience, diversity, exciting student life and growth opportunities.

We are all aware of the high standards of German engineering. Thus, if your passion lies in Engineering and Science, you can expect the best guidance in Germany. German universities offer a lot of choice in these programs. The curricula are also aligned with the latest developments in the field. This enables students to be better prepared for the job opportunities that await them as they complete their studies.

If your passion lies in arts or creative courses, don’t worry! Germany offers excellent choice in these areas as well. With over 450 state-accredited universities and 17,500 degree programs, the study options available in the country are plenty. The faculty members of these universities are among the best in the world. Studying under their guidance, you can expect to get trained in your field the best way.

While studying abroad in Germany you can expect to learn and grow with a diverse community. Students from all over the world come to study in Germany. This makes the environment in the universities diverse. While interacting with such diverse people on a regular basis, you are likely to experience significant development in your communication, leadership, team and people management skills.

Germany is not only a safe, but also a very vibrant country. Outdoor activities such as sports, hiking, cycling, skiing are quite popular in Germany. You can also expect to indulge in several musical and artistic activities in the country.

The cost of studying in Germany is also less as compared to that in other countries. The tuition fees in the universities along with the living expenses in the country are reasonable. Part-time jobs provide a great relief from the living costs. While studying in Germany, you can expect to benefit from a wide choice in part-time jobs. Remember to apply for a work permit before taking up a part-time job in Germany, and your working hours should not exceed 190 full days or 240 half days per year. After completing your studies in Germany, you can stay there for 18 months and seek full-time work.

In a nutshell, when asked ‘what to expect while studying abroad in Germany’, we would like to list down the following: high quality education, enriching student life, learning from highly knowledgeable professors, friendly environment, diverse culture and opportunities to work part-time as well full-time as you complete your studies.

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