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Choose Canada As Your Study Abroad Destination

Canada is among to the top destinations for students wishing to study abroad. Degrees from Canadian colleges are considered to beat par with those of their American and British counterparts. One big advantage that studying in Canada offers is low costs. The cost of living in Canada as well as the tuition fee charges by colleges is significantly less than what one might encounter in other countries.

But perhaps the most convincing answer to the question of why study in Canada can be found by looking at the career prospects following graduation. Upon the completion of the degree, students are allowed to work full-time which then opens up the possibility of immigration. In some cases, students holding a degree and at least one year of work experience are allowed to apply for a permanent visa. The multicultural and diverse society of Canada makes it a highly attractive destination for students wishing for not just higher education from abroad, but also a multitude of career opportunities.

After reading through all the advantages studying in Canada offers, a student would be wondering how to get admission in Canada? The application procedure for a Canadian university is much the same as colleges and universities around the world. A student has to give a standardized test which varies from course to course and level of study. The most widely accepted tests are- GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS, and TOEFL. The scores of the required exams are accompanied by a statement of purpose, CV, letters of recommendation, and relevant certificates. Most Canadian universities also conduct an interview. Upon receipt of offer of acceptance, the visa procedure begins.

XL Pathfinders offers unwavering assistance throughout all these stages, helping the student achieve their goal of studying in Canada. We at XL Pathfinders boast an experienced team which provides the best possible mentoring and guidance for the students to boost their chances of getting accepted into a top Canadian college. The dedication, efforts and one-on-one assistance by our counselors has helped XL Pathfinders achieve a 100% placement record in Canadian universities for this past year. Our team provides all the solutions to how to get admission in Canada and strives to ensure that the students can realize their educational ambitions.

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