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Kickstart your plans for an education abroad with XL Pathfinders

Education abroad in a reputed overseas education institute is a dream for many. The quality of education, abundance of opportunities, and the allure of a foreign land attract thousands of students to apply for education abroad.

Leaving the comforts of your own country and going to study in a completely alien country can be a daunting prospect for many. Different culture, different language, different style among many other things can prove to be a challenge for those who are not prepared.

It might take some time, a lot of time, to get used to the new surroundings, but if the student tries and makes the most of it, the education abroad will be well worth it!

In foreign curricula, there is availability of a high degree of specialization in all fields ranging from Business Administration, Journalism, Economics, Language, Information Technology, Engineering, and Healthcare.

The range and number of elective courses overseas in significantly higher than what is available in India. Furthermore, exposure to a different culture, different language, and a different style of education can be a steep learning curve. A chance to be educated in a different culture expands the outlook of the student and helps them become a more rounded individual. A degree from a top education abroad institute also boosts the career prospects of the student.

The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Germany, New Zealand, and Hong Kong are the foremost countries where there is a large chunk of overseas students. These are the most developed and most sought after education abroad destinations. Universities and colleges like Cambridge, UC Berkeley, University of Washington, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, UCLA, LSE, NUS, NTU, Trinity College, among many others are at the forefront of high-quality education abroad institutes in the world.

XL Pathfinders are the only education abroad consultants you would need to achieve your dream of studying abroad. We handhold students through the entire application and post acceptance process involved for accomplishing the target to study abroad.

We focus on a high quality preparation programme to enable students to study in the highest quality of institutions. The dedicated team of trainers, consultants, counselors, and mentors help transform the tedious task of applying to a top university an easy and manageable procedure.

Our team of education abroad consultants have experienced themselves the travails associated with going to study abroad and are thus best placed to impart expert guidance on the process.

XL Pathfinders

Your study abroad consultants in Delhi

XL Pathfinders provides a solution to all the challenges associated with overseas education. Our team focuses on providing highly individualized counseling, top quality coaching and actively assists in the college applications as well as visa procedures. We guide our students from the moment they step into our offices till they are ready to depart for their dream college. XL Pathfinders’ students first approach has helped it forge its name as one of the topmost study abroad consultants in Delhi.

The guidance of our expert counselors has enabled students to secure admissions in premier institutes in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Germany, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. With XL Pathfinders, an admission in Cambridge, UC Berkeley, University of Washington, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, UCLA among many others will no longer be a dream.

XL Pathfinders offers coaching for all major standardized tests, viz. SAT, GRE, GMAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE. We have helped hundreds of students obtain a highly competitive score in these examinations, thus enabling them to clear a major hurdle in the study abroad application process. Due to small batch sizes, our counselors are able to provide highly specialized guidance to the students.

Our counselors have first hand experience of difficulties a student faces in overseas education and are thus adept at ensuring the best possible experience for an applicant as they pursue their educational ambitions. This level of first hand experience coupled with extreme dedication and care makes XL Pathfinders stand out from other study abroad consultants in Delhi.

Avail the XL advantage to gain an advantage while applying to the very best schools in the world. Our team of experts in the field of coaching, training and mentoring prepare a unique plan for each student and then guide them through every step to give them the best possible chance of being accepted into their dream institute.

XL Pathfinders transforms the cumbersome experience of applying to a top school into a seamless procedure. With XL Pathfinders serving as your study abroad consultants in Delhi, you will be able to accelerate your chances of getting acceptances by top schools across the world.

Study in USA

Requirements of studying UG from USA

The highest number of international students in the world choose to study in the United States of America. And for good reason. The US is well renowned for high quality education and an abundance of job prospects post graduation.

An opportunity to study abroad in USA is revered by students across the globe as the country is home to 6 of the top 10 colleges in the world. Furthermore, 40 of the top 100 colleges in the world are also American.

US universities have a reputation like no other, answering the question: why study in USA. What sets them apart is their diversity; if one chooses to study abroad in USA, they will be exposed not just to the major they have chosen, but will also be educated in liberal arts. This opens up even more opportunities for the student. Studying in the USA also provides a high degree of specialization in the student’s chosen field.

The basic qualifying criterion to study undergrad in US is that you need to make sure you have completed a minimum of 12 years of secondary education besides the elementary education, which, in India is qualifying either class 12 examinations or junior college.

To study undergrad from US, the TOEFL test is mandatory for applying in any university in the country. The required score by most of the universities in the US is 570, in the Paper-based test and 230 in the computer-based test.

Other required tests are either the SAT or ACT. Both tests test the student’s proficiency in the areas of Mathematics, Critical Reading, Science, and Writing.

Apart from the tests, a statement of purpose along with letter of recommendation are also required. Students also need to submit transcripts of their report cards from 12th standard.

XL Pathfinders are premier USA education consultants in Delhi. We solve any problem a student might face while applying for a US education. Our team focuses on providing one-to-one counseling, world class coaching and actively assists in the college shortlisting and application procedure.

The team at XL Pathfinders goes one step further by helping make the visa procedure less cumbersome for the applicants.

Our philosophy has allowed for XL Pathfinders to be touted as one of the best USA education consultants in Delhi.

Study in canada

Choose Canada As Your Study Abroad Destination

Canada is among to the top destinations for students wishing to study abroad. Degrees from Canadian colleges are considered to beat par with those of their American and British counterparts. One big advantage that studying in Canada offers is low costs. The cost of living in Canada as well as the tuition fee charges by colleges is significantly less than what one might encounter in other countries.

But perhaps the most convincing answer to the question of why study in Canada can be found by looking at the career prospects following graduation. Upon the completion of the degree, students are allowed to work full-time which then opens up the possibility of immigration. In some cases, students holding a degree and at least one year of work experience are allowed to apply for a permanent visa. The multicultural and diverse society of Canada makes it a highly attractive destination for students wishing for not just higher education from abroad, but also a multitude of career opportunities.

After reading through all the advantages studying in Canada offers, a student would be wondering how to get admission in Canada? The application procedure for a Canadian university is much the same as colleges and universities around the world. A student has to give a standardized test which varies from course to course and level of study. The most widely accepted tests are- GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS, and TOEFL. The scores of the required exams are accompanied by a statement of purpose, CV, letters of recommendation, and relevant certificates. Most Canadian universities also conduct an interview. Upon receipt of offer of acceptance, the visa procedure begins.

XL Pathfinders offers unwavering assistance throughout all these stages, helping the student achieve their goal of studying in Canada. We at XL Pathfinders boast an experienced team which provides the best possible mentoring and guidance for the students to boost their chances of getting accepted into a top Canadian college. The dedication, efforts and one-on-one assistance by our counselors has helped XL Pathfinders achieve a 100% placement record in Canadian universities for this past year. Our team provides all the solutions to how to get admission in Canada and strives to ensure that the students can realize their educational ambitions.


IELTS & PTE – Understanding the Difference

To test any applicants English language proficiency, there are mainly three major standardized tests conducted, namely PTE, IELTS and TOEFL. International universities or institutes consider student’s ability to speak and understand the basics of English language while shortlisting candidates from foreign countries.

Pearson Test of English (PTE) and International English Language Testing System (IELTS) are the most common tests undertaken by Indian students. Pearson is one of the most prominent educational companies and publishing houses. IELTS, one the other hand, is organised and conducted by British Counsel for many aspiring students across the world. Even though every exam is an exam of the same English language, the format is very different. Therefore, it is extremely important to know the exact exam format and understand the difference between PTE and IELTS before you actually plan to appear for one. Also, every exam has difference acceptance rate depending on the region of the university one is applying. For example, IELTS has more acceptances in regions such as Australia and Europe, whereas PTE, comparatively a newly introduced exam, is widely accepted for MBA programmes in all across the world. TOEFL is primarily for US admissions.

Now, let’s discuss the difference in exam structure. The most crucial speaking section is very different in every exam format. It is advisable the students pick up the test which is most suitable to your English speaking abilities. In IELTS, examiner directly speaks with the candidate. This could be comforting for some and haunting for many. On the other hand, PTE involves the candidate speaking on a microphone with voice recorded and verbal exam rated by the same computer.

Another extremely important point to be considered while you decide which exam to take on is the university you wish to study in. Always note that PTE is a new exam as compared to TOEFL or IELTS and thus, many universities and institutes accepting PTE will also be accepting the other two options available.

Lastly, the score bands of each of these exams are also very different from each other. Do study the individual exam score bands to understand the pattern better.

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Education Abroad

Education Abroad on Mind? Begin Early to Get an Edge

The adage, ‘slow and steady wins the race’ doesn’t hold true when it comes to applying for admissions abroad. The process of sending applications to universities and colleges abroad is a bit complex process and thus to avoid any last minute hassles, you must start the process early. Once you have decided to pursue your higher education abroad, the first step is to zero in a country which attracts you the most. The reasons you choose a particular country could range from education standards, proximity, budget, personal preferences to the climate. No matter what, the decision should be an informed and logical one.

Once you are through with this selection, you must gain a broad idea about the test requirements of the universities in the country for international students. While most of the countries abroad would require you to acquire a minimum score in an English Language Proficiency test like IELTS/TOEFL/PTE, the requirements may vary as per the program chosen. If you are planning to pursue your higher education in the US, then you have to begin your preparation for highly competitive examinations such as the SAT (for undergraduate studies) and GMAT/GRE (for graduate studies). Keeping in view the high standards of these exams, it is necessary to start your preparation early. The higher you are able to score in these standardized tests for admissions abroad, the better your chances become to make it to your dream university abroad. With an excellent score in your repertoire, you can even eye an Ivy League.

The documentation process for admissions abroad is also very different from that followed in India. Many of the universities/colleges abroad would require you to officially submit your scores through online portals. Only if you start early, you would have enough time to get your transcripts evaluated and scores reported well on time.

The writing requirements of universities abroad especially those in the US is usually high. Each of them require you to write many essays. By starting early, you are able to retrieve the essay topics early, and then utilize the time to brainstorm for strong ideas for them. The more time you are able to devote to writing, editing and polishing of these essays, the more engaging they are likely to become. The better they would be able to narrate your story to the admissions committee, thereby strengthening your candidature.

Time is of the essence in case of admissions abroad. The earlier you make up your mind to follow your dreams by adopting a totally organized approach, the better it is. Your goals may seem distant, but with adequate devotion and starting early you can surely be a success story!

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Study Abroad

How to Find a Suitable Post Graduate Programme

Higher education is your gateway to success. Once you have completed your undergraduate education, the next step for advancement of your career is a post graduate education. Your undergraduate degree must have included many subjects and over the three or four years of the program, you must have developed an inclination for a specific subject. For example, if you have been pursuing an undergraduate education in computer science, it is highly likely that you are now inclined to acquire specialized knowledge and skills in robotics or artificial intelligence. If such is the case, instead of pursuing a general post graduate course in computer science, you should focus on a specialized Master’s course in your field of interest. Though such options are limited in India, universities abroad especially those in US are well-known for their specialized Master of Science (MS) programs. By pursuing such a course you would be suitably prepared for your desired career.

We all are aware of the buzz the careers in Management of Information Systems (MIS), Data Sciences and Business Analytics are creating today. The demand of professionals equipped with skills in these areas is high. No matter what course you chose for your undergraduate studies, by pursuing a post graduate education in these areas you can become more job ready. However, to excel, you must have interest in these subjects.

If your passion lies in entrepreneurship or business management, then choose to pursue an MBA from an esteemed B-School abroad. US, UK and Canada are the top choice among the students for an MBA education. You must choose your school and program after a thorough research. Each and every MBA program abroad has few unique features. Explore these to decide which one suits your requirements and interests the best.

There are numerous options available for post graduate studies especially if you consider study abroad or overseas education. Post-graduate studies are an important decision of your life. Research about the program of your choice thoroughly. Study in detail the websites of universities and colleges in various countries. Learn about the culture of the country you plan to study in. Make an informed choice. Find the most suitable post graduate course for yourself such that you enjoy every moment of your academic journey and come out as a more skilled individual after the course. Don’t hesitate to take the help of the experts in overseas education if you get stuck anywhere in the process.


Studying abroad-is it worth it?

Studying abroad is an excellent choice to make if you are really interested in taking your career to great heights. Good education is a prerequisite for a successful career and one should not make any compromise on it. Higher education in an internationally acclaimed university paves the road to success and why shy away from this route to success?

The Indian education system with its constraints in providing high standard education to a large number of students does not appeal to many, and if you are one of those who has suffered due to these conditions, don’t fret. By pursuing your education abroad you can go way ahead.

It is also not uncommon for students to keep an education abroad as their first choice. The type of exposure and development and international education can provide is unmatched. While pursuing your education abroad you stand to gain from an exhaustive curriculum, high-end infrastructure, means like seminars and workshops to stay updated in your field of interest, guidance from highly knowledgeable professors, experiential learning methods, association with a diverse student community, advanced research opportunities etc. The benefits of studying abroad are countless.

As you choose to study abroad you not only take a crucial step towards your professional development, but also enhancement of your personal skills. International universities are known for their stress on holistic development of the students. They constantly organize activities wherein students can showcase, build and nurture their personal skills of leadership, communication, organizational etc. As they expect their students to participate in a wide range of activities while managing their coursework, you automatically get the opportunity to hone your multitasking and time management skills. While competing among the best, you naturally tend to shape into a sharper and smarter individual.

The networking opportunities that an international education can provide are unique. The relationships you will build during your education abroad are likely to last a lifetime. Yours peers would be among the best in the world. As you will grow professionally, a strong network of these peers who would themselves at excellent positions in the industry, can prove highly beneficial for your career.

Universities abroad stress on practical learning instead of learning by rote. Following this method of education brings in immense development in a student’s skills. Experiential learning makes one more job ready.

Pursuing your higher education abroad is the best decision you can take for yourself. If you are able to so with a scholarship all the more better. Beginning from preparing for standardized admission tests to the time you complete your course, you will be amazed to witness the changes in you. So, get set and take this life changing decision without any worry! Every penny you invest in your education abroad is worth it.


Importance of SOP and LOR

Gaining admission to a prestigious university abroad is not a cakewalk, you are required to compete among numerous candidates with appreciable profiles. With most of the students acquiring good scores in standardized tests and building up strong profiles with praiseworthy accomplishments, the documents that can make you stand out are your Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letters of Recommendation (LOR). The more we stress on the importance of the SOP and LOR for your admission, the less it is.

Almost every university you apply to would require you to submit a Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendation. A SOP must highlight your inclination to pursue the chosen program. It must detail what your goals are and how this program would help you achieve those goals. You must also detail what all you have been doing so far academically and professionally to get prepared for your goals. Overall, your SOP should present you as a suitable candidate for the program.

International universities prefer candidates who can showcase leadership, team and diversity skills; students who can easily gel into their dynamic and multicultural environment. Through your SOP and Resume, you should highlight how your extra-curricular engagements have helped you garner these skills. Don’t forget to get your SOP reviewed by an expert. Be open to suggestions to have a powerful SOP.

We all have good things to talk about ourselves. The universities abroad also know this, and this is the reason they ask for Letters of Recommendation from your professors or employers. The professors you decide to take LORs from must be ready to endorse your skills. If they have supervised you in any project, please ask them to mention that. Remember the projects you mention in the SOP must be in line with those mentioned in the LOR. In case of professional LORs, try to take them from your immediate supervisor.

The LORs should convey the University you are a suitable candidate for the program and you are capable of making significant contribution to it as well. Get in touch with your recommenders much in advance to have excellent LORs ready at the right time.

Your SOP and LORs are very important documents for your admission. So, don’t make any compromise while creating these. Devote ample time to the process and take the help of the experts if need be. We at XL Pathfinders can surely help you in creating winning SOP and LORs. The importance of an effective Statement of Purpose and strong Letters of Recommendations cannot be stressed enough. So, devote a lot of time and efforts to it!

Study in Germany

What to expect while studying abroad in Germany

Germany is a great choice if you plan to pursue higher education abroad. The country is well known for its high standards in education, friendly ambience, diversity, exciting student life and growth opportunities.

We are all aware of the high standards of German engineering. Thus, if your passion lies in Engineering and Science, you can expect the best guidance in Germany. German universities offer a lot of choice in these programs. The curricula are also aligned with the latest developments in the field. This enables students to be better prepared for the job opportunities that await them as they complete their studies.

If your passion lies in arts or creative courses, don’t worry! Germany offers excellent choice in these areas as well. With over 450 state-accredited universities and 17,500 degree programs, the study options available in the country are plenty. The faculty members of these universities are among the best in the world. Studying under their guidance, you can expect to get trained in your field the best way.

While studying abroad in Germany you can expect to learn and grow with a diverse community. Students from all over the world come to study in Germany. This makes the environment in the universities diverse. While interacting with such diverse people on a regular basis, you are likely to experience significant development in your communication, leadership, team and people management skills.

Germany is not only a safe, but also a very vibrant country. Outdoor activities such as sports, hiking, cycling, skiing are quite popular in Germany. You can also expect to indulge in several musical and artistic activities in the country.

The cost of studying in Germany is also less as compared to that in other countries. The tuition fees in the universities along with the living expenses in the country are reasonable. Part-time jobs provide a great relief from the living costs. While studying in Germany, you can expect to benefit from a wide choice in part-time jobs. Remember to apply for a work permit before taking up a part-time job in Germany, and your working hours should not exceed 190 full days or 240 half days per year. After completing your studies in Germany, you can stay there for 18 months and seek full-time work.

In a nutshell, when asked ‘what to expect while studying abroad in Germany’, we would like to list down the following: high quality education, enriching student life, learning from highly knowledgeable professors, friendly environment, diverse culture and opportunities to work part-time as well full-time as you complete your studies.